Email personalisation

Email marketing to a segment of one

Forget spending hours on segmentation.

Pure360 lets you deliver a unique and relevant message to each recipient in seconds.

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Make 1 to 1 email marketing a reality for your business

Every customer is unique. Now every email you send is too.

Frequent customer who buys animal prints

Recently browsed party dresses


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Personalise each campaign in seconds

Forgot spending hours on segmentation. Build a single campaign that delivers a personalised message for each recipient.

Simply drop a SmartBlock into your email campaign and AI will determine the right content for each recipient.


Product recommendations

Add personalised product recommendations to your email campaigns. Show each customer more of what they really like.

Our recommendation engine analyses purchase history, real-time behaviour, and purchase intent to ensure the right products are shown to each customer.


Ready to drive more revenue with email personalisation?

Open-time content

Open-time content ensures that recipients see up-to-date and relevant content at the moment they open an email.

  • Use countdown timers to create urgency
  • Show live pricing and availability
  • Highlight the buying behaviour of other shoppers

Seamless cross-channel experiences

Make every click count.

Our platform personalises content and experiences across email and website.

Explore our website personalisation capabilities →


Ready to drive more revenue with email personalisation?

React to customer behaviour

Send emails that react to in real-time to website behaviour, moments of intent and loss of engagement.

Optimise your entire customer lifecycle to build a truly personalised email marketing strategy.

Explore our lifecycle automation capabilities  →


Send at the right time, every time

Marketers often obsess over the best time to send emails. In reality, every customer is different.

Our platform will optimise the send time for each individual recipient based on when they’re most likely open.


“Having basket abandonment, broadcast emails and product recommendations with one provider saves us time, money and gives us more control.”


Ready to drive more revenue with personalisation?

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