How a fashion brand doubled sales from online marketing with PureTargeting



How a fashion brand doubled sales from online marketing with PureTargeting

Creating a more personalised experience to drive sales

The marketing team at Luke 1977 had a bold vision for the brand—to completely transform its online customer experience with personalisation.

They believed personalisation was key to delivering growth and improving customer loyalty.

They turned to Pure360 to help them achieve this vision.



Luke 1977 is a leading contemporary menswear brand with a global following. The fashion retailer’s eCommerce store, customer-focused approach, and support from independent boutiques have driven its growth.

The business employs one hundred people across eight physical stores and three offices across the UK.


The marketing automation technology Luke 1977 had been using presented its marketing team with a number of challenges.

Firstly, their previous cart abandonment software was slowing their website down dramatically. This affected website performance and reduced the quality of customer experience they could offer.

Secondly, the team had no direct control over the types of content that would be delivered in their cart abandonment and re-engagement emails. This meant they had no influence or visibility when recommending and aligning specific types of products inline with their marketing campaigns and objectives.

They wanted to reduce cart abandonment, increase repeat purchases, and increase retention. Their existing software made it hard to assess whether their campaigns were having the desired effect.

Luke 1977

Fashion, Retail

Products used:

Use cases:
Cross-channel personalisation
Cart abandonment recovery
Browse abandonment retargeting
Email marketing


Aaron Field, the head of digital at Luke 1977, manages a team of five digital marketers. He was tasked with introducing new marketing automation technology to help the brand achieve its growth objectives.

Aaron needed a solution that would deliver a more personalised customer experience and help the brand:

  • assess the success of re-engagement campaigns
  • decrease cart abandonment
  • increase cart abandonment recovery
  • increase repeat purchases
  • increase overall revenue

As well achieving these aims, the new solution would need to be affordable and easy for the team to use collectively.

The Solution

Pure360’s eCommerce solution offered everything Aaron needed to help Luke 1977 meet its growth objectives.

Implementing PureCampaign and PureTargeting has given the team clear visibility on which re-engagement campaigns work best.

Using PureTargeting, Luke 1977 were able to personalise its website experience and email campaigns with product recommendations based on browsing behaviour and purchase history.

PureTargeting also allowed them to send triggered emails based a customer’s behaviour. These included cart abandonment emails and re-engagement emails for lapsed customers.

Within the PureTargeting dashboard they have real-time visibility on the products within a visitors basket with the actual monetary value. They can also see items and the value of the products that have been abandoned and the revenue generated from their cart abandonment and re-engagement campaigns.

This visibility has allowed them to constantly optimise their campaigns. The brand is able to make ongoing improvements based on real-time revenue and engagement data.

The onboarding and implementation process was quick and easy.

Liz, Luke 1977’s dedicated Pure360 customer success manager, worked alongside Aaron and his development team. Within a few weeks PureCampaign and PureTargeting was successfully implemented, tested, and live on their website.

Pure360’s solutions are easy to use and having a dedicated account manager and access to technical support have made the whole process very simple and effective. Pure360 are a really great company to work with and we can’t wait to start using more of your solutions in the future.

Aaron Field, Head of Digital,

Results snapshot

Doubled revenue attributed to digital marketing campaigns

Decreased abandonment rates by 17%

Increased revenue from cart abandonment recovery by 60%

The Results

Pure360’s eCommerce solution has helped Luke 1977:

  • increase revenue
  • decrease cart and browse abandonment
  • increase cart and browse recovery
  • increase visibility of campaign success
  • optimise campaign performance

“Pure360’s solution had a fast and noticeable impact on our cart abandonment recovery rates.”

Aaron Field, Head of Digital,

Luke 1977’s cart abandonment rate before integrating PureTargeting was around 62%. Within a matter of months after launching the solution, the average was down to just 55% (low compared to industry standards). This result alone showed an encouraging return on investment.

Pure360’s solution had a fast and noticeable impact on Luke 1977’s cart abandonment recovery rates meant customers purchasing through a cart abandonment email, increased from 5% to 8%a staggering 60% increase.

Before implementing PureTargeting, Luke 1977’s the sales attributed to its onsite and email marketing campaigns was 16%. Now it’s up to 30%, due to the new personalisation and re-engagement features of PureTargeting, which is a significant growth.

This level of insight allows us to predict and shape behaviour. Helping us move visitors more smoothly through the sales funnel, increase conversions, and improve customer retention.

Aaron Field, Head of Digital,

Luke 1977 now has full access to graphical information and tailored reports. This allows them to drill down into each marketing activity. They can optimise marketing campaigns within a matter of minutes, to gain more ROI from noticeable real-time trends.

Previously the data they received was very top line. Now, they have visibility on the exact products a visitors has put in their basket, abandoned, or purchased. They can also see which and how many products a person looked at before they purchase.

This level of insight allows Luke 1977 to predict and shape behaviour. They are able to move visitors more smoothly through the sales funnel, increase conversions, and improve customer retention.

Within a short space of time Luke 1977 is already achieving its goals to generate more revenue, improve conversion rates, and enhance its website experience through personalisation.

The brand is already seeing an increase in loyal customers and repeat purchases. Next, they’ll introduce website popovers to grow their email database and timely calls to actions to enhance visitor personalisation, the user experience, and urgency to purchase.

Ready to grow your revenue with personalisation?

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