Top 20 emails of 2018 and why they work


Top 20 emails of 2018 and why they work

Sometimes the best way to learn and be inspired is to check out what other people are up to. Be this in business or your email marketing.

So we’ve put together our top emails from 2018. Take a read to discover why brands like HSBC, Paperchase, Women’s Equality Party and Headspace made the cut.

This guide isn’t just about our favourite emails. We explore which brands have a deep understanding of key marketing fundamentals and how they’re using this knowledge to build successful campaigns.

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What’s inside

Read the guide and learn:

  • The different strategies, Superdrug and TripAdvisor take to engage with their audience
  • What successful email personalisation and automation looks like
  • Why brand identity is such an important factor and how it translates in email marketing
  • How to think outside the box & take inspiration from other brands
  • The importance of developing your marketing strategy beyond email
Cara Wilson
Cara Wilson
Cara is Digital Marketing Manager at Pure360. She enjoys blogging about digital strategy with a particular interest in email marketing and the customer journey. She also loves working on all things related to brand strategy, especially brand culture!
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