The Simplified Guide to Customer Insight

How to capture relevant demographic, behavioural and transactional data

To send out highly relevant and targeted campaigns you need to fully understand your customers.

To gain an actionable view of your customers you need to ensure you are gathering the appropriate intelligence and collating it into a centralised hub, making it easy to view, manipulate and understand. Only then will you understand the types of campaigns that are relevant to specific customers.

Key features of this best practice guide:

  • Learn how to capture relevant demographic, behavioural and transactional data
  • Discover how to collate this data to gain insight and intelligence into your customer base
  • Create actionable segments with this data to group customers based on similarities
  • Use these segments to send out highly relevant and timely email automations

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Paul Edge
Paul Edge
At Pure360 I have gained a strong knowledge of email marketing best practices, including segmentation, deliverability, data cleansing and optimising performance including subject line testing, message content, setting up email nurturing programmes and sending targeted offers.
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