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The Anatomy of an Email


Take a step back and consider how your brand will be perceived by the recipients of your email

Following email marketing guru, Andy Thorpe’s, highly successful series of blogs on the Anatomy of an email we thought it would be useful to turn them into a Guide. When building an email sometimes it can be hard to take a step back and consider how your brand will be perceived by the recipients of your email.

This guide makes it easy to make sure you have considered all of the following areas:

  • Subject lines
  • From name, preview pane appearance and pre-headers
  • Banner and header
  • Content and footer
  • Testing and rendering
  • Phishing and spam warnings

At Pure360 we work with lots of lovely brands of all shapes and sizes every day, we talk to other marketers, we talk to other ESPs, we talk to ISPs and we read everything we can about email marketing.The experience of the recipient is the difference between an open and a spam hit. It will decide how the recipient prioritises your emails and how and when they take action. There is a high level of empathy required to get this right. Often, as you are building the email, it is hard to step back and think about what the recipients opinion of your brand will be based on the communication.

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