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The Pure360 Sector Series: Email Marketing for Travel & Leisure

Discover how travel and leisure marketers can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving sector

The Email Marketing for Travel & Leisure guide is the second in our Sector Series, and is the perfect guide for any marketers working in Travel & Leisure who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing.

The travel and leisure space is one that is rapidly evolving to support consumers’ demands to research, check in, log on and sign up quickly and easily online, without having to speak to agents, visit a store or use a printer.

This constant innovation makes travel and leisure one of the most competitive and challenging sectors around. Therefore it’s imperative for marketers in this sector to stay on top of digital trends and stay ahead of the competition, or risk being left behind.
Staying ahead and churning out innovative, engaging and informative communications is highly resource intensive. Meaning it is essential that precious resource isn’t being wasted on activity that simply doesn’t deliver.

In this guide we identify and map out how you can use the Five Pillars to Digital Marketing Success.

The five pillars are:

  • Strategy – what is the plan for your email campaign? What do you want the outcome to be?
  • Audience – Who are you going to target for this campaign? Segmentation is key to higher open rates and higher levels of engagement, so utilise this
  • Message – What are you saying, and how are you getting this across in the body and / or design of your email?
  • Channel – Where are you promoting this other than via email?
  • Insight – Following the campaign you need to regroup and take a look at the results. Did you get the intended outcome? If not, what can you change or do differently next time?

The Email Marketing for Travel & Leisure guide will help you learn how to utilise these pillars in each and every email marketing campaign you create to ensure that you can start consistently delivering improved results.

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