How much do your customers really trust you?

There’s no question that marketing has become deeply focused on data – it drives critical decision-making, through understanding demographics and purchasing behaviours, to the return on investment on each campaign. Marketers are proud of their ability to use data to build intimacy with customers, to continually refine engagement and increase their net value.

But what if the customers don’t want to be offered new opportunities to buy? What if, rather than see the regular newsletter as a useful update, they see it as an intrusion? These are very important factors to understand when deciding not just what to say, but when and to whom.

There’s a fine line between frequency and over-mailing – finding out that a customer is feeling negatively towards you when they click ‘unsubscribe,’ is too late. Yet for many marketers that is the first indication they have crossed the line.

To find a different perspective on research, we set out to discover how well marketers’ perceptions of the way they capture and use data match up to the results of some of the best-known surveys marketers use, and the results have been fascinating.

We’ve found that marketers’ perceptions of their customers’ opinions differ radically from reality – 90% of senior marketing executives believe their customers trust them, whereas we find that consumers’ trust in brands struggles to rise above single figures.

One of the best ways to create trust is to treat your customer as an individual, which means understanding the sentiments behind the data. It also means building campaigns based on intelligence rather than pure numbers.

In the Market Insight Report: Big Data Edition, we take a look at a number of aspects of data capture strategy, including:

  • General performance metrics and strategy
  • Data collection types, methods, and strategies
  • Perception of audience trust and fair use
  • Strategy, challenges and developments around data capture
  • Personalisation tactics and effectiveness

Download the report to learn whether your customers really trust you, and how you can instill trust in them.

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