The Pure360 Advanced Email Series: Personalisation


The Pure360 Advanced Email Series: Personalisation

Did you know using personalisation in your email campaigns can boost engagement rates? Find out how in our new Advanced Email Series guide

About this guide

In 2015 we gave you The Simplified Series, and in 2016 we bring to you The Advanced Email Series.

The third guide in the series focuses on personalisation, and how using it effectively can help improve your open and click through rates, from using the basic ‘Dear {firstname}’ approach, to predictive product personalisations.

When used effectively in your email marketing, it can drive engagement and improve your open and click through rates. In fact, The DMA recently discovered that personalised emails receive 10% higher open rates, 14% higher click-through rates and deliver to 58% of email revenue.

In the guide you will find the following:

  • Strategies for using email personalisation, based on the different stages of maturity outlined in our Email Maturity Model
  • Potential challenges you may face when implementing or using these strategies in your email campaigns
  • Recommendations for implementing personalisation in your email marketing campaigns

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