Pure360 / TFM / IDM: Marketing Team Structures Report 2017


How to build high performance marketing teams in 2017

The Marketing Structures Report 2017

The new Marketing Team Structures Report reveals how marketers are resourcing and restructuring to cope with the technological challenges of the years ahead.

Having surveyed the UK marketing community, we were able to identify and examine the diverse range of skills which are important to marketing in 2017, how importance varies between B2C, B2B and Not for Profits, and which of these skills can be outsourced to agencies, consultants or freelancers.

It is clear that the relationship between marketing and IT is ever changing, and that both traditional and digital marketing and now equally as important as each other.

The biggest challenge facing businesses now is how they structure and build a marketing team that will deliver both high performance and adequate results.

The Marketing Team Structures Report answers crucial questions, including:

  • Will there ever be the perfect blueprint for marketing teams?
  • What is the average size of the marketing team?
  • Which department ‘owns’ technology in your organisation?

Get your copy of the report to learn the secrets to building a high-performing marketing team.

Get your copy of the report

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