Stand out in the inbox by delivering more relevant, targeted emails

Marketers are struggling to effectively utilise the information in their email list and therefore have to resort to batch and blast campaigns as opposed to sending personalised, targeted communications. One of the main reasons recipients unsubscribe from emails is because they aren’t relevant. By segmenting their email list and practising email automation techniques marketers can easily and quickly send highly targeted and relevant email communications.

Review of the results with actionable advice

At Pure360 we deal with a lot of marketers with different aims, objectives, strategies and results. To gauge the current state of email marketing strategy we sent out an in-depth strategy survey.

The aim of the survey was to report on the current state of email marketing strategy; whether email marketers have a strategy in place, if they are following best practice rules and whether they are reporting adequately, to name just a few areas.

Over 600 email marketers responded, giving us a wide range of results.

Results fell into the following categories:

  • Strategy
  • Best practice
  • Measurement
  • Reporting

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