Beating Amazon’s Bulk Email Marketing Strategy


About the Guide

Plenty of us would like to email like Amazon, because, let’s face it they’re making bags of cash.

But is Amazon the best at email marketing? Andy Thorpe, Manager of customer accounts at Pure360 discusses how you can email better than Amazon.

The guide covers topics such as:

  • Why you should segment your mailing list
  • Opt-ins and Opt outs
  • Managing preferences
  • Personalising content

How Does Amazon Email?

For many people Amazon is the be all and end all of customised content. They track everything you do and everything everyone else does, to make sure you get the products you are most likely to buy, in front of you when you visit the site. This is fantastic, the level of data mining in place here is awesome but can they do it with email? Currently the answer… looks to be no

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