We’ve teamed up with the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) to bring you a report that looks to track consumer sentiment towards email, uncover areas of improvement for the data and marketing industry and reinforce email’s ongoing ability to help brands engage with customers along their journey. As part of this, we draw attention to the aspects of email consumers like and dislike, alongside new behaviours and preferences for content.

Here’s an extract of what to expect from this compelling insight into consumer behaviour:

The technological world that we live and work in continues to evolve, seemingly offering new ways to engage customers at every turn. But this excitement over whats new should not distract marketers from the central channel that still resonates with consumers. Whether they’re considering a purchase, have just made one or need some help, these latest figures highlight email’s ability to help brands engage across the customer journey.

We also see new behaviours and technologies within the channel that will be interesting to track over the coming years; from the continuing trend for consumers to have an ‘other’ email account for all or some of the marketing emails they receive, to the growing use of smart devices like watches, and even speakers, to engage with emails.

Download the whole guide and take advantage of this insight to plan your strategy for the year ahead.

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