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Pure360 and DMA present:

We’ve teamed up with DMA to examine – for the first time – the marketers’ attitudes towards customer engagement.

This study of over 200 marketers reveals the difference between how marketers try to engage customers and what customers actually find engaging – or don’t.

The results reveal a big disconnect – especially when it comes to what marketers’ believe drives loyalty and brand trust.

Read the report to learn:

  • Which channels and engagement tactics are undervalued by marketers
  • Where your customer engagement strategy might be missing the mark
  • How to use this research to keep customers loyal and stay ahead of the competition

Here’s a sneak peek of where marketers are getting it wrong when it comes to customer engagement.

Our research reveals that marketers:

  • Massively underestimate consumer awareness of GDPR
  • Put too much emphasis on social media and miss opportunities that other channels present
  • Underrate the importance of trust for driving loyalty

Learn what these and other findings should mean to your engagement strategy.

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