Best Practice Guide to Website Personalisation


Best Practice Guide to Website Personalisation

Every customer is unique. But most businesses still offer the same experience to every website visitor, every time, regardless of their behaviour.

Econsultancy reported that 93% of businesses improve conversion rates when using personalisation.

What’s more, nearly 60 percent of people want real-time personalised promotions as they browse your website.

With stats like that, can you afford not to do personalisation?

Read our best practice guide to learn what great website personalisation looks like and how to get started.

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What’s inside

This guide offers practical advice on how to implement best practice website personalisation.

Read the guide to learn how:

  • Brands such as Amazon, and Timberland use personalisation to create superior experiences
  • created a unique homepage for each visitor
  • Real-time weather data can help retailers drives more sales.
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