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Best Practice Guide to Website Personalisation

Competing in a customer-obsessed market by personalising your digital touchpoints

Best Practice Guide to Website Personalisation

We know that full digital transformation takes time, resource and cross-functional cooperation; but don’t be disheartened. There are measures that can be taken right now to meet your customers’ growing expectations.

To date, personalisation has been the main focus of email marketing. Although these emails are still powerful and effective, the most mature, successful brands are backing this up with personalised web pages.

When a seamless, personalised experience is provided, customers spend more time on your website, download more offers, and spend more money. Marketers who can quantify the improvement from web personalisation see an average of 19% uplift in sales.

The Best Practice Guide to Website Personalisation offers valuable tips on how to offer prospects and customers a better experience by personalising your digital touchpoints. Get your copy to view real-world examples from leading brands.

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