The Pure360 Advanced Email Series: Segmentation

Proper segmentation of your email lists and campaigns is the key to unlocking increased open rates and higher levels of engagement

Segmentation can increase not just your open and click rates, but make a powerful difference to your revenue. The science behind segmentation can scare even the most advanced marketer, however today it is essential that all marketers consider segmentation strategies wherever they sit in their email marketing maturity.

In truth, segmentation should be considered ‘best practice’ for email marketing, and regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C business, using segmentation to its full potential within your campaigns can help identify your most valuable customers, understand what what their needs are and target those who have disengaged from you before it’s too late.

For instance, our clients have on average increased their online revenue by 12% using our Behavioural Targeting functionality to target different segments with different offers. Additionally our own marketing team have seen an increase in open rates of 25% since offering a segmented industry specific newsletter. It’s easy to see that even simple segmentation can produce big results.

From using basic demographic data to real time behavioural data, different stages of maturity will be able to adopt different levels of segmentation. We have produced this guide to walk you through segmentation, no matter what your maturity stage, and offer you advice on how you can take your segmentation strategy to the next level.

In the guide you will find the following:

  • Strategies for segmentation, based on the different stages of maturity outlined in our Email Maturity Model
  • Potential challenges you may face when implementing or using these strategies
  • Quick tips for implementing strategy and to improve your email marketing campaign effectiveness

You’ll also learn about how we use our Email Maturity Model to benchmark email strategy and maturity, allowing you to identify where you sit on the model and how to take your journey towards complete email maturity.

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