The Pure360 Advanced Email Series: Data Capture

The Pure360 Advanced Email Series: Data Capture

Are you capturing your data in the most effective way possible? Find out in our new Advanced Email Series: Data Capture guide

About this guide

In 2015 we gave you The Simplified Series, and in 2016 we bring to you The Advanced Email Series.

Starting with a focus on data capture and how to use it within your email marketing, this new series of guides are designed to assist you in taking your email marketing campaigns and strategy to the next level, no matter what maturity stage you are at.

Within this guide you’ll learn about different methods of data capture, where and when to use them, and how you can benefit from them. You’ll also learn about how we use our Email Maturity Model to benchmark email strategy and maturity, allowing you to identify where you sit on the model and how to take your journey towards complete email maturity.

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