Using triggered emails can not only improve your email performance, but free up time for marketers by automating simple email sends and campaigns

Email automation has been around for a long time, allowing marketers to engage with their prospects in a highly relevant and personalised way. Email automation puts the customer at the heart of your marketing by allowing you to build a relationship over time at a time which is right for them and when the customer is at their most receptive.

Put simply, email automation is an email triggered as a result of a user’s actions. This could be a welcome email automatically generated after a newsletter sign-up, a cart abandonment email which you receive if you didn’t complete a purchase, or a birthday email offering you a discount on your special day.

Automated emails run in the background alongside your broadcast emails and can be a single email or form a complete series of messages prompted by one initial action by a user. They can hold the hand of your customer from prospect to loyal repeat purchaser, guide a lapsed customer back to becoming engaged or prompt a purchase after someone simply browses your site.

Marketing teams using automation enjoy 70% higher open, click-through and conversion rates from their automations than from traditional campaigns. Done well, these emails hold the key to building lasting relationships, increasing productivity and are the most widely read email messages in the toolbox of the emarketer.

It is easy to see the value in email automations, however for many marketers it is still seen as one of the most difficult and unattainable marketing tactics out there. To help you conquer and reap the benefits from email automations, we have produced this guide so that you can conquer this tricky strategy, no matter what your maturity stage.

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  • Approaches and strategy for the effective use of automation in your email strategy
  • The potential challenges that may arise when creating and executing automated campaigns
  • Recommendations for implementation of automated campaigns, and improvements to existing campaigns you may run

Start using automation today to make your email marketing really work for you, not the other way round.

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