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About the Guide

In this guide Prof. Bairstow takes a look at the factors that influence the Leisure industry and what marketers can do to get the results from their email marketing campaigns, focusing on:

1. Reinforce your brand identity and strengthen brand loyalty
Did you know that on average welcome emails get 8 x more conversions than a standard email? This guide includes tips on how to use welcome and transactional emails to get the best results for your business.

2. Be more aware of your audience and use techniques for better targeting
Techniques include database maintenance and segmentation to ensure you are more aware of who your audience is and are targeting them in the right way.

3. Adapt strategies for client retention and re-engagement
Tips on how you can identify your target audience in order to retain and re-engage with them when necessary. The section covers how to track data and also how to utilise it better effect.

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