Webinar: Create engaging customer journeys

Create engaging customer journeys in 4 simple steps​

Ashley Joyce and Kizzy Burton Pure360 Account Managers

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Imagine if you could visually drag and drop segments of customers into useful groups such as unengaged, high spenders and loyal customers, then automate the most targeted and relevant message to each group? You can!

Join Ashley Joyce and Kizzy Burton (Account Managers at Pure360) to:

– Discover how you can easily collate multiple data sources into a central hub

– Learn how to explore your data and build engaging customer journeys

– See how we enabled numerous customers send highly targeted, automated campaigns

Pure360 PureIntelligence is a data intelligence and lifecycle automation solution that enables marketers to better understand their customers and then action behaviour across multiple channels. Attend the webinar to learn how you could benefit!

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