Travel: How to Transform Your Customer Experience with Personalisation


Your hosts

Alice Garside
Customer Success Manager

Cara Wilson
Senior Marketing Manager

As one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world, travel presents a wealth of opportunities to savvy brands. But with the opportunity also comes competition.

In this webinar, we provide the latest advice on how to make your travel brand stand out in today’s busy marketplace using personalisation.

We focus on key issues – starting with the how to tackle the lengthy path to purchase and include 7 top personalisation tactics for you to get started on straight away. We also explore the biggest changes impacting the travel industry and how personalisation is helping brands adapt and succeed.

Learn how to:

  • Create a stand out customer experience
  • Drive purchase intent with proactive marketing
  • Increase direct bookings and improve conversion rates
  • Create loyalty with post-purchase marketing
Cara Wilson
Cara Wilson
Cara is Digital Marketing Manager at Pure360. She enjoys blogging about digital strategy with a particular interest in email marketing and the customer journey. She also loves working on all things related to brand strategy, especially brand culture!
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