How to nurture new ecommerce customers post festive season

This webinar is part of the Bitesize Marketing Series*

Webinar Synopsis:

With eCommerce databases growing in size over the Black Friday and Festive period, it’s important to hold on to that growth and not come back to a diminished list in the New Year. Watch the webinar now to find out how how to nurture your new eCommerce customers to the point of retention and loyalty.
Festive season is an eCommerce’s Eldorado of sales, but how do you leverage your data so that your customers repeat purchases all year round?

3 things you will learn:

1. Discover how welcome campaigns hold the key to customer retention success
2. Learn how to design a successful post-purchase journey
3. Identify ways to strengthen your relationship with new customers through behavioural triggered emails

*What is the Bitesize Marketing Series?

Are you a busy marketer, but still have a thirst for knowledge? Our Bitesize Marketing Series for ambitious marketers is designed to give you the latest marketing trends, insights and innovation in a way that’s easy for you to consume without taking up too much of your precious time!



Darren Teague

SDR Manager

Annie Blundell

Annie Blundell

Senior Sales Development Rep

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