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Use Viral Promotions to your advantage this Black Friday

Use Viral Promotions to your advantage this Black FridayBlack Friday is less than two weeks away, and with analysts predicting that last years Black Friday spend in the UK of £810 million will be eclipsed with sales in the region of £1 billion in 2015, this American shopping holiday is showing no signs of slowing down this side of the pond.

With this in mind, your business will want to capitalise on this event, and with our Viral Promotions solution you can do just that. Generate leads, increase email engagement, and drive sales all with the use of Viral Promotions. Set up a competition, embed it on your website or Facebook page, and wait for the results. It’s that simple.

You can use this timer for your Black Friday deals and offers

How does it work?

You set up your competition or promotion using the Viral Promotion app, then sit back as the promotion runs its course. All email addresses submitted are added to a pre-determined list in your account, making accessing your data quick and simple.

If you wish to run your competitions on your company Facebook page our unique integration will allow you to do just that. All your fans will have to do is click the button to sign up and their details are automatically populated, making it easy for them to enter, and even easier for you to collect their information.

You can drive engagement, list growth, and sales just by using Viral Promotions.

Viral Promotion Templates

How can I use Viral Promotions?

Essentially, it’s up to you. The Viral Promotions app allows you to get creative with your campaigns, through the use of prize draws, giveaways, quizzes, and polls.

You can look to increase engagement with your brand through a photo, video, or even an essay contest.

You could even offer an exclusive voucher to your customers in exchange for their information.

Why not download and read our best practice guide to Viral Promotions, and then contact your account manager to discuss using the tool this Black Friday?

How do I get Viral Promotions?

Complete this short form to register your interest, and your account manager will contact you to discuss adding Viral Promotions to your account in time for Black Friday.

Once you’ve got Viral Promotions in place you can easily create promotions, contests, sweepstakes and deals to help engage your users in a unique and fun way.

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