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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, every marketer will be wondering how they can leverage the day of love to engage or sell. Not a particularly romantic thought, granted, but it is enthusiasm nonetheless.

The problem that this creates is actually one with a parallel in the real world: on Valentine’s Day every couple is out celebrating their love and giving gifts, so if a boyfriend/husband puts no thought into their plans/gift then the girlfriend/wife is likely to be quite upset. It could happen the other way some day too… Getting ready for Valentine’s Day campaigns

There is nothing inherently wrong with booking a meal at an average restaurant and buying some chocolates, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘I know you and I love you’. In the same way, if your brand sends a Valentine’s Day email that is basically the same as every other one going around or the same as you sent the previous year, then your recipients are not going to feel enormously valued.

While there is a limit to the analogy – there is a good chance your subscribers are not in love with you – there are some take-home lessons; if your message is not engaging they may break up with you (unsubscribe) or most likely just ignore you and go on a date with someone more handsome (delete your email without reading and open a more entertaining one).

How to prepare for success

Much like with the finest Valentine’s Day plans, you are best off starting preparations early. This will give you the time to analyse your business or industry to see where a fitting Valentine’s message can be found. You don’t want to be sending out the email equivalent of something you found at the petrol station.

Very few firms will have an obvious link to Valentine’s Day, so you need to be creative and think about the themes surrounding the occasion: giving; receiving; flowers; love; chocolate; meals out; certain cities (Paris, for one); hidden love; messages. What can you offer or talk about in your email that will connect with a Valentine’s Day enthusiast? What do your subscribers want from you generally and what would they be keen to have on February 14th?

Below are four key tips to bear in mind: Much like with the finest Valentine’s Day plans, you are best off starting preparations early. This will give you the time to analyse your business or industry to see where a fitting Valentine’s message can be found.

1.Show you are the one…

While couples must show each other year after year that they belong together above all others, your brand only needs to show the recipient that you at least understand who they are and what they would like. If you know that price-point is a pivotal factor for email subscribers then you know what you can do to please them on Valentine’s Day.

But do not stop there; if you know that a discount will go down well, then think about asking for something in return – perhaps to fill in a questionnaire or give more details about themselves. It’s fine to put out if you get something you want…

2. Surprise them…

Everybody loves a nice surprise. Whether you are a B2C or B2B brand, there is no harm in doing something a bit out of the ordinary just to remind your recipients that you are there.

Think of it like the long-term couple who have been doing the same things at the weekend for 30 years and then suddenly the wife books a fun weekend for two in Italy; the husband may not have really wanted to go to Italy but his wife’s gesture will certainly have got his attention. As a brand, don’t underestimate the power of doing something that may not be perfect but that prompts a few more ‘opens’, due to the tone or content of the message.

3. Get into the spirit of things…

There are certain things (listed previously) that everyone associates with Valentine’s Day, so it may be a good idea to align your message with these guiding principles of love, giving and happiness. For those that enjoy this occasion, it will come as a downer if your firm wants celebrate grittier aspects of the world on a day like this.

Also, even if your brand has a harder edge to it in general, there is something endearing about dropping the toughness for one day. Think Sly Stallone in the original ‘Rocky’ movie, romancing Adrian…

4. …Or don’t!

The other way to go is to recognise the sheer volume of people and brands talking about Valentine’s Day, then go your own way. When they zig, you zag.

While some companies might think about outright dismissing Valentine’s Day, it works better if you can play on something that traditionally happens on this occasion. For example, highlight how people can celebrate their love any other day of the year yet they don’t – seek to change this by offering them a discount for any other day than February 14th…

These are just some of the ways that you can prepare an effective Valentine’s email campaign – further insight will come when you look internally at the industry you are in and the people involved, as there is sure to be a fun parallel you can point out. Much in the same way as this article has…

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