Inbox testing across all devices

Make sure your emails are being rendered and displayed as intended with built in Litmus Inbox Previewing

Litmus Inbox Preview

Litmus Inbox Preview

Our platform integrates with Litmus to offer inbox preview and advanced deliverability checker services. Our customers can utilise both many times as needed without limitation.

  • Preview your email in over 30 email clients in minutes
  • Preview on mobile devices
  • Images off and preview pane views

A/B Test

A/B test your emails using our Split Content and Subject Line Testing functionality.

Split Content Testing helps you to determine the type of content that your recipients are most engaged with.

Subject Line Testing on the other hands allows you to determine which subject line will generate the best possible results.

All of this can be done without the need to to split your list or send multiple campaigns.

  • Increase your understanding of recipient behaviour and preferences
  • Optimisate and test your content to increase engagement
  • Improve your open rates by over 20%
  • Access reports on open rates per subject line

Dynamic Content

Intelligent time sending

Use behavioural data to understanding when your recipients are most likely to click and open. Use this information to ensure that emails are sent to each individual recipient at the optimum open time.

Spam testing

Spam Testing allows you to quickly diagnose any deliverability issues before your campaigns are sent out; offering straight forward instructions on how you can fix any bugs or errors. This service is provided free of charge to all Pure360 customers.


  • ‘The interface is very easy to use. Creating alternative messages for A/B testing purposes is a stress-free process, as you can simply copy your default message in the same screen and make quick changes using the email editor.”

    Navdeep Chana

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