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Send Personalised Email Campaigns

with PureCampaign

  • Increase online revenue by an average of 8% with real time cart recovery emails
  • See a further potential 4% increase with real time browse recovery emails
  • Utilise real time form recovery triggered by email

Behaviour based targeting

Utilise your customers’ online purchase and browse behaviour to send highly targeted and personalised emails with our PureTargeting module.

Increase conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and increase lost sales revenue by up to 12% using PureTargeting.

  • Recover and convert customers within minutes with basket and browse abandonment emails
  • Populate emails with highly personalised, real-time content which receives on average a 20% conversion rate
  • Gather real-time data to segment your emails and drive more engagement with all your campaigns

Add the personal touch

Recipients are constantly on the move, meaning that you have to ensure your emails are as personalised, targeted and relevant as possible to catch their attention and engage with them.

Our intuitive personalisation and targeting functionality ensures that you stay relevant to your recipient by sending the right message at the right time.

  • Ensure your communications are highly tailored to the individual
  • Increase engagement levels and chances of purchasing.

Dynamic content – keep it relevant

Marketers who ignore the benefits of dynamic content and personalisation are missing an opportunity to send more targeted, relevant messages to their subscriber base.

Our dynamic content features allows you to deliver personalised articles, product offers or call-to-actions based upon information known about the recipient such as demographics, personal preferences, purchase history or online activities.

Preference centre – give subscribers control

By using a preference centre you can ask your prospects and customers what topics they’re currently interested in, helping you to boost open and click through rates as well as levels of engagement.

Supplied bespoke for your business, the key benefits are:

  • Lowers unsubscribe rate and boosts open rate
  • Lets subscribers choose the type of communications they want to receive
  • Easy unsubscribe from product updates and promotions – just two clicks
  • Give a choice of frequency to communications

Mid-market marketers use PureIntelligence

With PureIntelligence you can better understand your customers to drive revenues,
improve retention and increase customer engagement.

Consolidate customer data from multiple sources
Gain a single customer view for insight and segmentation
Send highly targeted multichannel automations

Get strategy, advice, and insight with our account management team

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