Email automation from Pure360

PureCampaign allows you to easily set up an automated email welcome program to offer your recipients
a seamless brand experience, from newsletter sign up all the way through to final purchase.

1. Welcome Email
2. Tips to Get You Started
3. Get Feedback


Utilise your customers’ online purchase and browse behaviour to send highly targeted and personalised emails with our behavioural targeting functionality. Increase conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and increase lost sales revenue by up to 13% using PureTargeting.

  • Send site-specific process abandonment emails such as purchase and account creation abandonment
  • Create powerfully personalised email campaigns
  • Leverage real-time behavioural data to re-engage customers
  • Schedule post-purchase delivery information

Our client Harrods

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Birthday email

Date-based automations

If you capture dates such as Birthdays, holidays or appointments, you can easily set up automated campaigns that are unique to the recipient, yet take up little resource.

Our platform will send triggered emails by a date field in your data list. For example, ‘Happy Birthday’ emails sent on each recipient’s birth date. Event reminders can also be sent in the run up to the event as well as post-event to maintain engagement.

There are infinite possibilities when you use email automation.

Work smarter. Get better results. Learn more about email automations.

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