Drag & Drop Editor

Drag & Drop Editor

Redefining how marketers create email

Create great looking emails, quickly and easily

Updated, improved and better than ever

Our Drag & Drop Editor has always made it easier to create stunning emails in minutes, but with our ongoing updates to the platform it just gets better and better.

By taking back creative control of your campaigns you’re not only creating and sending highly targeted and relevant emails, you’re also doing it quickly and easily. This allows you more time to focus on strategy, growth, and ROI.

Drag & Drop Editor

Introducing… Template Library

We’ve just released Template Library, a selection of pre-built drag and drop editor templates that you can start using straight away.

Simply select the template you wish to use, add your own copy, links, and images, and your campaign is good to go.

These templates cover a range of campaign types including Welcome/Sign up emails, Content/Newsletter based, simple one message focussed emails, reward/loyalty messages & emails designed to entice lapsed customers.

Drag & Drop Email Template

Create great email templates, every time

  • On canvas editing

All content is editable directly from the canvas, giving you total freedom over image size, effects, orientation and text

  • Intuitive options

Options and tools are only presented when you need them, reducing confusion and over-complication

  • Time-saving features

We also ensure that you can save time where possible, making sure you don’t spend any longer than you need to working on your templates

Use panels to create your masterpiece

  • Customise every detail

Every detail is highly customisable and personalised, including filters, colour, button size and shape, and background options.

  • Freedom

Introducing an industry first, Panels, which offers you freedom to mix and match email styles and layouts, all within one email.

  • Fluid structuring

The fluid structuring within Drag & Drop Editor allows you to easily add or remove columns, change layouts or duplicate sections, even after completing your email design.

Background Images

Add vibrancy and life to your emails with background images

Make your templates pop by using background images in panels, or your full template. You can set a fallback colour so email clients that don’t support images still give the recipient a great experience.

Great looking emails on every device with responsive design

Responsive design is now a must-have feature in any email template. Make sure your templates look great, no matter what device, desktop, or email client they’re being viewed on.

  • Litmus inbox inspection is included as standard with PureCampaign and our Drag & Drop Editor
  • Make sure your emails render properly in popular email clients and desktop programs
  • Preview your templates in desktop and mobile versions direct from the editor

Responsive Design
PureCampaign Saved Components

Save components to save time

You can save components you’re creating regularly to help save you even more time. Build and save full panels for future use.

Do you use a consistent header and footer style? Save them so you can quickly and easily drag them onto the canvas of a new template. Do the same for CTA buttons, social links, images, text blocks, dividers, spacers, panels, columns, and blocks.

Don’t work hard, work smart!

Full control over every aspect of your email template

Edit the individual elements of your templates, from panels to columns, and right down to your individual content blocks. Build out your panels and format them how you want to create the best looking emails possible.

Style your CTA buttons to replicate those on your website or contained within existing style guides to ensure consistency across the board.

Styled components
PureCampaign Image Editor

Edit, tweak and refine your images with image editor

If you’re using images that need tweaking you can also do this from within PureCampaign.

Crop and resize, adjust and edit, add text, draw freehand, or even add Instagram-style filters to your images. Any changes to your images are saved a new file, preserving the original. Anything is possible.

Increase awareness and drive traffic to social channels with social icon blocks

Harness the power of social and drive your customers and subscribers to your social channels with our new social blocks feature. With several social networks included and more to come, it makes linking out to these channels even easier.

Optimise templates by hiding content on mobile devices

This new feature allows you to hide certain content blocks, images, or text on mobile devices, allowing you to deliver the best possible experience for your subscribers and customers, no matter how their view your emails.

See the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor in action

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