The Pure360 Marketing Suite

Pure360 offer UK marketers an unrivalled combination of a powerful, data-driven marketing suite and an industry-leading, best practice framework, focused on accelerating customer results across email, mobile, web, and social.

The Pure360 Marketing Suite comprises of four powerful modules, providing marketers with a  comprehensive set of marketing tools designed to increase customer engagement, improve loyalty and drive sales across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Our customers enjoy outstanding success, with many seeing boosts of 25% and more to their sales.

We are committed to improving our customers’ results by taking them on a journey of email maturity.

Be part of the journey.


Create. Nurture. Convert.

Engage your audience with PureCampaign. With enhanced usability, increased functionality, improved workflows and new, cleaner design, you’ll be able to target multiple devices, increase ROI and continuously improve your campaigns much easier than before.

  • Benefit from a more intuitive, user-friendly experience
  • Free up more time to focus on deploying strategies and moving up the Maturity Model
  • Seamlessly integrate with other modules in the Pure360 Marketing Suite

Drag & Drop

Pure360 abandoned cart

Grow. Engage. Personalise.

Increase your online sales by an average of 22% and enhance customer engagement through highly relevant, personalised automated campaigns across email, mobile, and web.

  • Re-engage with abandoned shoppers and recover up to 20% of abandoned carts
  • Turn customer browsing sessions into a purchase
  • Drive repeat purchases and nurture loyal customers


Target. Automate. Re-engage.

Grow your list by up to and over 20% and increase customer loyalty through viral campaigns and contests across email, social, mobile and web.

  • Host viral contests to engage and attract customers
  • Gain customer insights and segmentation for clear vision of your audience
  • Send personalised emails, convert prospects into repeat customers

Contest apps

Our client Harrods

Consolidate. Segment. Learn.

Increase your email revenue by 53% by consolidating all of your data into a single customer view and sending highly targeted, customer focused campaigns across email, web and social.

  • Understand customers’ behaviour across email, mobile, web and social
  • Increase sales by targeting key segments such as unengaged, highest and lowest spenders
  • Turn prospects into repeat customer through highly tailored, automated campaigns

  • "We’re constantly analysing, testing, tweaking and refining, and that’s helped to drive further innovation at Pure360 to push the boundaries of what email marketing can achieve."

    John McDermott

    John McDermott

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