Single Customer View

Single Customer View

Understand your customers like never before

Our Single Customer View helps you segment and target your customers more effectively.

Create cross-channel customer journeys and personalised campaigns that drive more revenue.

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Don’t let data hold you back

We all want to communicate better with our customers.

We want our marketing to be more personalised, more relevant, and more timely.

But often the data that helps us do this is incomplete, held different places, and difficult to action.

Our Single Customer View changes that.

How it works

  • Consolidate

    Data works better together. Bring every piece of customer data together.

  • Analyse

    Analyse all your data with ease. Find the answers you need about your customers.

  • Segment

    Build customer segments to power multi-channel campaigns.

  • Personalise journeys

    Create multi-channel journeys based on how each customer behaves.

Ready to revolutionise your marketing?

Turn your data into your most valuable marketing asset

Bring all your customer data together to get a complete understanding of who your customers are, how they interact with your brand, and what makes each person unique.

Online transactions

In-store purchases



Website behaviour

Email engagement

Learn how Lake District Hotels used our Single Customer View to run personalised campaigns that increased direct bookings.

Understand who your customers really are

By consolidating your data, you can start to see what really matters about your customers.

Ask better questions of your data and uncover insights that inspire smarter marketing.

  • Who are your most loyal customers?
  • Which products are popular with certain demographics?
  • Who hasn’t made a purchase recently?
  • Which customer segments are most profitable?
  • Which customers are coming to the end of their subscription?

Create complex segments with drag-and-drop simplicity

Our platform makes it quick and easy to navigate and segment all your customer data.

Effortlessly explore your data to find previously unseen customer insights.

Build the exact customer segment you need for your next campaign in seconds.

Ready to deliver more targeted marketing?

Manage the entire customer lifecycle with ease

Create automated multi-channel journeys that improve your customer experience and increase your customer lifetime value.

Onboard new customers. Offer rewards to your most loyal customers. Re-engage customers who are slipping away.

The possibilities are endless.

Build highly-targeted campaigns

Put your data to work. Use refined customer segments to power targeted marketing campaigns.

Simply export your segment and use it where it’s needed—from email, to digital advertising, to SMS, to direct mail.

More personalised. More relevant. More timely. Better results.

Ready to transform your marketing?

See how our Single Customer View will help you take your marketing to the next level.

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