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Bring all your data together to gain powerful customer insights. Consolidate and explore that data in one place, then automate your campaigns based on all the insights.


The single customer view

It can be difficult to collate data from multiple sources, but Pure360 removes this hurdle. Bringing all of your data together allows you to create and implement powerful campaigns that are highly relevant to your customers. Your existing systems will be effortlessly brought together, consolidating your demographic, behavioural, and transactional data into one central hub. With everything in one place you have even more control over your customer data, without the need to rely on other resources or departments. Pure360 takes the guesswork away, and allows your campaigns to flourish.

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Segment your data and gain insight

The visual nature of Pure360 allows you to view your entire range of customer data you have acquired and identify important trends. Knowing exactly what your customers are doing and how they’re interacting with your brand allows you to ensure that your campaigns are highly targeted and relevant. You can segment your data further than ever before, creating campaigns and automations based on engagement, recency, frequency, and monetary. A better understanding of your customers allows you to create a better brand experience, from your welcome emails right the way through to your promotional and feedback campaigns.

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Grow your email marketing results

See results from highly targeted campaigns

The single customer view allows you to interact with your customers on a one to one basis, meaning that your campaigns become straightforward and simple. Pure360 allows you to spot previously unseen customer trends and data, meaning that the more you use it, the more insight you gain, ultimately allowing you to fine tune your email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to improve your newsletter open rates, attribute your email marketing to sales, or improve your customer experience, the single customer view is the only way to do it.

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