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Customer Support Services

If you have a technical issue or need help using your Pure360 account our dedicated Customer Support Team are on hand to assist you

Our dedicated Customer Support team

We have a dedicated Customer Support team on hand here at Pure360 to help you with any technical issues that may arise when using our digital marketing suite. We know that being able to send your campaigns exactly when you want and need to is paramount to a successful digital marketing strategy, so we have a team here to ensure that things run smoothly for you.

Contact our Customer Support services in four different ways

Because four ways to get the help you need is better than one. So when you do need to contact the team, you’re able to do so in four ways:

Self Service

Our Customer Support website is your first port of call. It features sections on how to get started with your Pure360 account, in-depth guides and walkthroughs on using your account and the platform, integrations, and an FAQ section where you’ll be able to find answers to most of your questions.


You can submit a ticket to the support team from within our email platform. You’ll find a support tab on each and every page when you’re signed in, and submitting this way also allows the support team to see your account information and diagnose your issue more effectively.


You can also contact us by telephone, and our customer support line allows you to speak directly with the team. Sometimes the best way to take care of a problem is for the team to be able to walk you through exactly how you can take care of the issues or problems you’re facing.


You can also follow our Pure360Hub account on Twitter. This is useful for learning more about the strategy, growth and guidance we offer all of our clients. You’ll find links to useful and insightful articles, guides, and content here.

Already a Pure360 customer?

You can access our Pure360 Support Site, where you’ll find an FAQ section, useful guides, and plenty of information about the Pure360 Marketing Suite.

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