Service Packs

Service Packs

Our Service Packs are perfect for teams who are low on resource, or those that are looking to level up quickly.

They’re simple, managed services designed to improve key areas within a successful email program.

eCommerce Onboarding Packs

Stress-free onboarding to help you see instant success.

We’ll deliver everything you need to deliver personalised and automated marketing across your customer lifecycle — from implementing the triggers to creating the email templates.

Basic eCommerce Onboarding

For teams looking to nurture new subscribers and recover revenue lost to cart abandonment.

  • Welcome email
  • Cart and browse abandonment emails
  • Training

Standard eCommerce Onboarding

For teams that want to grow marketing lists and increase conversion rates from their website and email.

  • Welcome email
  • Cart and browse abandonment emails
  • Web and email recommendation blocks
  • Targeted overlay
  • Training

Advanced eCommerce Onboarding

For teams looking to increase sales and loyalty across the customer lifecycle.

  • Welcome nurture campaign
  • Cart and browse abandonment series
  • Post-purchase upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Lapsed engagement series
  • Web and email recommendation blocks
  • Targeted overlay
  • Training

Full Lifecycle eCommerce Onboarding

For teams that aspire to deliver highly personalised marketing across the customer lifecycle.

  • Welcome nurture campaigns
  • Cart and browse abandonment series
  • Post-purchase upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Purchase renewal email
  • Loyalty / VIP email
  • Lapsed engagement series
  • Web and email recommendation blocks
  • 3 Targeted overlays
  • Training

Starter Packs

Implement personalisation and automation to optimise your customer experience.

Personalisation Starter

Get started with real-time cross-channel personalisation.

We’ll implement recommendation blocks that will increase website conversion rates and deliver 1:1 email marketing campaigns.

  • Website recommendation blocks
  • Email recommendation blocks

Automation Starter

Get started with email automation to scale up your marketing and react to real-time customer behaviour.

We’ll set-up the triggers, design the emails and implement the automation.

  • Welcome nurture campaign
  • Re-engagement campaign
  • Branded preference centre

Lifecycle Optimisation Packs

Improve your marketing results in the key parts of your customer lifecycle.

We can implement tailored campaigns based your marketing objectives.

Acquisition Optimisation

Convert new leads into customers. We optimise your website to increase sign-ups and build a welcome campaign that nurtures your new subscribers.

  • Analysis of new subscriber journey
  • Design and build of sign up form
  • Welcome email
  • Nurture email campaign

Post-purchase Optimisation

Optimise your post-purchase journeys and encourage customers to spend a little more.

  • Post-purchase email
  • Cross-sell and upsell email
  • Cross-sell and upsell web personalisation blocks
  • Exit intent overlay

Growth Optimisation

Encourage repeat purchases and drive long-term loyalty with personalisation campaigns at key moments of the customer journey.

  • Post-purchase emails
  • Upsell and cross-sell emails
  • Renewal emails
  • Personalised product recommendations for web and email

Retention Optimisation

React early to signs of lost engagement to prevent customers from lapsing. We’ll set up triggered emails that encourage purchases and engagement from inactive customers.

  • Implementation of a multi-step engagement journey
  • Re-engagement campaign
  • Lapsed purchased campaign

Deliverability and Migration Packs

Don’t let deliverability hold you back.

Let our in-house experts guide you towards industry-leading deliverability.

Deliverability Consultancy

Our in-house deliverability experts can advise on overall deliverability strategy and resolve any technical aspects that may be hindering you.

  • Performance benchmarking against industry/competitors
  • IP health review
  • Domain check
  • Content review
  • List health check
  • Suggested improvements
  • Strategic advice for ongoing optimisation

IP Warm-up and ESP Migration

Migrate to Pure360 with ease. We’ll take care of everything needed to ensure the best possible results from day one. We’ll even identify areas that might be holding you back.

  • Domain setup
  • List health check
  • Deliverability audit
  • List migration and segmentation
  • Template migration and creation
  • IP warm-up schedule

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