How Saved Components can save you time

One of the most time saving sections of the Drag & Drop Editor is the ‘Saved Component’ area.

If, for instance, you have a standard header or footer which you frequently use in your emails, you may find creating it each time becomes time consuming. Saved Component makes this process much easier and quicker.

Once you’ve created a panel, row, column or block that you’re happy with, hover over the section with your cursor and you should see a button appear on the top left hand corner:


Clicking on this will open up two options:


The bin icon will delete the selected block, and clicking on the star icon brings up the ‘saved component’ section:

Saved component

Type in an appropriate name for this section and press ‘save’, and this will be ready for future use.

The next step is to pull in a previously saved component. To begin, click on the star icon in the right-hand menu bar:

Saved components

This will open the ‘Saved Components’ section. Find the relevant component that you’d like to drop in

Saved components

Left click on this and drag it to a location on your email, and it will be added in for you:

Component added


That’s all you have to do!

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