Introducing PureConnect

Supercharge your email marketing with the data and tools you use every day.

What is PureConnect?

PureConnect is an ‘Integrations as a Service’ solution that allows you to connect PureCampaign with your essential business systems.

We have a range of ready-to-use integrations that are quick and easy to set up. We can also build bespoke integrations from scratch.

What can I do with PureConnect?

PureConnect moves your data between systems in real-time which lets you automate more of your marketing and processes.

Update marketing lists when a contact’s data changes in your CRM.

Add subscribers to Facebook and Google Ad audiences when they stop opening emails or unsubscribe.

Create a Zendesk ticket and send a notification email based on customer complaints through web forms.

Enrol new subscribers into marketing lists after web form completions and online purchases.

Update your CRM based on email engagement including opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

Deliver post-purchase email campaigns after an online purchase.

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Ready-to-use integrations to supercharge your email marketing.





Can’t see your system or tool?

We can build custom integrations based on your tech stack and systems.

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PureConnect benefits

Your data works better together. Your marketing works smarter with better data.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to start using PureConnect:

  • Save time by automatically updating data across multiple systems
  • Reduce resource wasted on repetitive manual data tasks
  • Automate more of your marketing

  • Enrich marketing data with insights from other teams and systems
  • Improve email targeting and personalisation with new datasets
  • Deliver cross-channel marketing to combat lost email engagement

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