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Brands who switch to us increase their email revenue performance by an average of 32%.

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Pure360 rated No.1 Email Marketing

Rated #1 in Email Marketing by Gartner Digital Markets

Our customers have spoken to Gartner Digital Markets and we are rated higher than MailChimp on overall customer satisfaction.

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Pure360 High Performer G2 - Email Marketing

Increased results means happy customers

Brands who switch to us increase their email revenue performance by an average of 32%. It’s just one of the many reasons why we also average 4.5 / 5 stars on G2 Crowd and rank higher than Mailchimp in the email marketing category

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Competitive pricing that doesn’t stifle your growth

Pricing that supports you in growth mode without being penalised. No hidden charges for support, integrations or any other complexity. Send as many emails as you need with our all-you-can-use email messaging model. Don’t worry about inhibitive pricing. Oh and you don’t have to pay for each list addition. Mailchimp may have a lower start up cost, but over the long term, with our flexible modular pricing, the Pure360 solution is more cost effective with greater functionality.

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A UK based email marketing customer success team

A local UK based personal service - You’re not just a number

Don’t want to wait until that offshore call center opens on the other side of the world. Want to speak with a local account manager who understands your business and who you can meet face to face. Don’t become an anonymous minnow in a sea of millions of other clients. Our clients see Pure360 as an extension of your marketing team. Our team is focused entirely on your results improvement.

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Are your emails getting into the inbox?

Getting help with deliverability problems isn’t something you always consider when using Mailchimp. However as you grow, being part of a shared pool of millions of other brands can sometimes have a negative impact on your brands inbox deliverability. It is absolutely essential that you have a local support team you can turn to with the experience to solve deliverability challenges as and when they occur

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Pure360 Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

If you are a shopify customer that is suffering the pain of not being able to integrate with Mailchimp, then come and speak to us.

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Smart Segmentation

Customisable Integrations

Out of the box integrations sometimes aren’t enough and require customisation to be truly valuable. Our custom integration service takes the hassle out of managing the pain of custom integrations. If your business doesn’t fit neatly into the mailchimp box, come and speak to us.

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Unique shopper profiles

Smart Segmentation

Batch and blast emails come as standard with mailchimp. However, the pure360 smart segmentation functionality allows brands to personalise far beyond basic targeting. You can segment and personalise based on a huge number of customer specific conditions such as website browsing behaviour, products browsed or purchased, order value or any other custom attribute.

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Automation and Web Personalisation

Anyone can send an abandoned cart email. But not everyone can target emails based on cart value or a recipient’s history with your brand. What’s more you don’t need to use an API to trigger our automations. Our front-end tag collects all the data you need to trigger a multitude of automated messages without the hassle of lengthy set-up.

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