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PureTargeting is a real-time automation solution that enables marketers to enhance customer engagement, drive repeat purchases and nurture customers with automated, highly personalised product recommendations in email and on the web.

Re-target lapsed customers who put items into their basket but don’t complete the purchase using automated triggers

Utilise real time web browsing behaviour to drive window shoppers back to your site

Maximise customer value and use dynamic content to cross-sell relevant products or services whilst they are at their most engaged

Create a more relevant customer experience by tailoring the content to their preferences

*this information can be found in Google Analytics

Return On Investment

Uplift expected per month*

Monthly sales uplift*

Net profit after PureTargeting costs per month**

Months to pay off first years contract*

*All projections are based on the average sales uplift attributed to each of the four campaign types selected. Calculations are based on ROI after onboarding has completed.

** PureCampaign is required to use PureTargeting. Prices for PureCampaign start from £99 per month.

Recovered revenues through the abandoned basket programme has increased by an average of 10% month on month, with an overall increase of 97% since implementation
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