PureCampaign OpenTable integration

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OpenTable is an online, real-time restaurant-reservation service which provides online reservations for 31,000 restaurants around the world, seating roughly 15 million diners a month.

Our OpenTable integration allows marketers to utilise the information they have gathered using OpenTable directly within PureCampaign, helping them to send highly relevant and targeted email communications.

Increase engagement, loyalty and spend

with PureCampaign and OpenTable

Collect guest and reservation data using OpenTable

Data capture

Data automatically feeds into PureCampaign


Use data to set up automations such as booking follow ups or birthday greetings

Email engagement

Increase customer engagement, loyalty and spend

Tailor your email communications with minimal input

  • We are one of the only major Marketing Suites with an OpenTable integration
  • Data is automatically fed into PureCampaign from OpenTable on a daily basis
  • Once the integration is set up, there is no need to manually input or handle OpenTable data

Improve the targeting of your campaigns using a wide range of data

  • Improve the targeting of your campaigns using a range of OpenTable data, such as email, first and last name, restaurant, birthday, anniversary, reservations, cancellations and spend
  • Increase engagement and spend by sending booking confirmations and cancellation follow ups
  • Improve loyalty through tailored thank you, anniversary and birthday emails, plus many more

Personalise based on individual restaurants and customer activity

  • Send emails tailored to your individual restaurants; improving the brand consistency of your communications
  • Report and gain a full understanding of customer, restaurant and device engagement

  • "We've used Pure360 since 2005 and have come to rely on its speed and functionality for all our eCRM activity, with the addition of their new social media tools it makes perfect sense to roll out Pure360 across all our European territories."



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