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GDPR Permission Pass Service

Minimise the impact of GDPR on your email marketing revenue.

Re-consent your customers in the right way.

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Don’t let GDPR impact your email marketing revenue

Our Permission Pass Service will help you get the consent you need.

With our cross-channel, targeted campaigns, you can be sure you’re reconsenting the right people in the right way.


Don’t just aim for their inbox. We can deliver cross-channel campaigns that work across your website too.


Trigger consent messages when customers show higher levels of engagement or intent.


Use real-time targeting to deliver your messages when a non-compliant customers land on your website.


We’ll ensure when you ask for consent, it’s fully GDPR compliant.

Fully managed

Give us the list of people you need consent from and we’ll take it from there.


How does it work?

Simply provide us with the list of customer who you get consent from and we’ll work with you to set up a cross-channel campaign.

How long will the service run?

We will run the Permission Pass Service for four months from launch. This will ensure you will have enough time to target everyone who needs consent.

But what about after GDPR?

While the service runs for four months, we’ll also work with you to ensure you’re staying compliant after 25th May.

Can’t I just email customers to ask for consent?

You could, but landing in someone’s inbox out of the blue might not get the result you hoped for. You could get lost in the noise.

Instead we can run a cross-channel, integrated campaign that covers both website and email. Rather than interrupting your customers, you can wait until they come to you before asking for consent.

We believe it will drive a much better result than a one-off email campaign.

How much does this cost?

Permission Pass Service is a fixed price of £4,000, which is a small investment if you currently generate a large proportion of your revenue from email.

Wait… is this GDPR compliant in itself?

Yes. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the guidelines to ensure that we’re offering a fully compliant service.

So what’s next? 

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