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Are you part of the 1% who get it right?

Email marketing has grown up. Advances in tools such as automation and data integration mean that email marketing is now capable of working in real-time, predicting the desires of people before they’ve even had the chance to voice them.

At Pure360 we investigated how the UK marketing community is using email, putting the results and outcomes into our new benchmarking report.

Find out how just one percent of brands are using email to its full potential, leaving 99 percent missing out on significant returns.

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Key Findings Infographic

Our infographic pulls out the most interesting and key insights from The Pure360 Email Maturity Benchmarking Report, providing you with succinct, actionable takeaways to improve your email marketing.

Measuring Maturity
Pure360 Email Maturity Benchmark Report

Revealing the secrets of email marketing’s top one percent

Our latest blog celebrates the launch of The Pure360 Email Maturity Benchmarking Report, offering key insights and learnings from the report. 

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Download the report and you’ll discover and learn more about:

  • What email maturity is
  • How to measure maturity
  • Why maturity matters to marketers
  • How you can increase your email results by 20%
  • What are the barriers to email maturity
  • And most importantly, how to join the 1% of brands using email to its full potential

The Pure360 Email Maturity Benchmarking Report

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