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Integrate Magento with Pure360 and we’ll set up the three most used Magento campaign, ready for you to use, out of the box

Convert more customers

Just by using RFM data (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) you can increase your customer’s buying behaviour. For example, you could identify and target customers that meet the following three criteria:

  • Regular high spenders: Identify customers who buy from you often, maybe tell them that you appreciate their custom and offer them an exclusive offer
  • Lapsed buyers: See who has bought from you before, but not in the past three months. Encourage them to re engage with your brand with a discount code
  • Only purchased once: One time customers are just loyal, VIP customers who haven’t bought into your brand or business yet. Entice them and tell them why you outshine your competitors

By making your systems work smarter together you can benefit from having all your data in one place. Integrate Magento with our platform to instantly begin taking advantage of two powerful systems.

Disparity between systems can lead to lost sales, many of which you may not even be aware of losing. By allowing your systems to fully integrate with each other you’ll not only avoid this outcome, but gain even more valuable insight about your customers that you’ve never had before.

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Automations

These best practice uses of Magento will assist you in transforming your digital marketing results. When you integrate Magento with Pure360 we’ll provide you with these templates and automations so you can begin using them and taking advantage of your new integration immediately.


Connect with customers who have recently purchased from you, acknowledging them will help to build a stronger relationship and encourage brand loyalty


Sometimes your customers need that little something to encourage them to purchase from you regularly. Entice them with the right offer and these customers could soon be receiving the Recency email.

There are plenty of ways you can target these customers, with some of the most popular tactics including an offer of free delivery on their next order, or a voucher code for money off their next order.


Thank your customers for their continued custom by offering them some in return. Examples could include free delivery, access to a VIP loyalty club, or pre-sale access to events. This type of interaction will endear your customers to your brand and ensure they stay customers in the long term.

See for yourself

During Onboarding, we’ll add to your Pure360 account our best practice RFM filters, automations, and three targeted template designs for using the best practice fields of your Magento data when integrating our platform with your existing Magento system, as standard.

So not only will you begin to benefit from the ability to send highly targeted, relevant emails to your database that will gain more opens and engagement, but you’ll also be able to pull in more data from Magento that allows you to further your segmentation, thus making your email marketing campaigns and strategy even more powerful.

Harness the power of our integration from day one, and see the difference this combined solution can have on your business.

Automate your Magento data

Work smarter, not harder, by automating your Magento data. Once you’ve integrated Magento with our platform you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the three best Magento automations up and running, with responsive email templates that will look great, whether your emails are opened on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

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