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Integrate data sources

Consolidate data

With readers’ requirements rapidly changing, and competition ever-increasing. Publishers need to set a solid data strategy to support personalisation and advertising opportunities. Consolidate various data systems, from CRM to ESP, spreadsheets to hard copies with Pure360.

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Grow your email marketing results

Increase acquisition conversion

Roughly 70% of website visitors abandon forms, meaning your publishing business could be losing valuable subscriptions and purchases at the very first stage. Deliver powerful email abandonment series that gives the audience an extra nudge to buy or sign up

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Engage new readers

Increased competition from both publishers and individual content providers means that acquiring new readers can be a challenge. Create a hyper personalised experience to engage new readers, showcasing what they want and when they want it.

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Personalise the reading experience

As a content provider, personalisation should be at the heart of any publisher’s marketing strategy. The Pure360 AI driven platform will analyse browse and purchase history, real-time behaviour, and purchase intent to ensure the right content, products and subscriptions are shown to each customer. At the right time.

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Bring back lapsing readers

With all of their data in one place, publishers can also conduct RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) modelling and analysis. This helps to identify the readers they are most likely to lose. With this segment you can use different tactics to drive engagement and deliver highly tailored content.

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With our personalisation audit we will help you understand how you can improve your email and web personalisation strategy to drive better results.

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