Segmentation is a feature 78% of marketers

can’t live without

The Challenge

If you are struggling to effectively utilise the information in your email list you may be tempted to resort to batch and blast
campaigns as opposed to sending personalised, targeted communications. 

The Solution

One of the main reasons recipients unsubscribe from emails is because they aren’t relevant. Our platform
gives you the tools so you can quickly segment your email list and deliver automated, highly
targeted relevant email communications.

Behavioural targeting Citrus Lime
  • "We’re constantly analysing, testing, tweaking and refining, and that’s helped to drive further innovation at Pure360 to push the boundaries of what email marketing can achieve."

    John McDermott
    John McDermott Jaywing
Lulu Guinness Case Study
Lulu Guinness Case Study

In just two weeks Lulu Guinness launched an online competition and generated a massive 16,000 entries. See how.

Simplified Guide to Targeting
Simplified Guide to Targeting

Learn how to segment your email list to quickly send highly targeted and relevant email communications to every recipient.

Customer Insight Guide
Customer Insight Guide

This popular guide shows how marketers can access customer information to send targeted campaigns

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