Pure360 and the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a complex topic, but it’s not something that can be ignored.

Learn how we’ve prepared for the GDPR and get clear practical advice on what the GDPR means for marketers..

About the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation owes its existence to the European Union’s ‘Digital Single Market Strategy’, published back in 2015. Its aim is to try and remove online barriers between member states by standardising and simplifying regulations, helping businesses to take full advantage of the European market as a whole.

In order to protect consumers as part of the new Digital Single Market, the GDPR was created to give individuals better protection and control of their personal data, with the idea being that this increased confidence and trust in digital goods and services will create a more successful digital economy.

Pure360 and the GDPR

The GDPR puts into law many of the best practice ideas and principles that we’ve all known are an effective way of increasing customer trust and engagement, and as a result, we believe the GDPR has the potential to change the email marketing landscape for the better. Pure360 are committed to making sure our customers are able to make the most of this opportunity.

At Pure360, we’ve followed the ICO’s advice by conducting a full review of our processes, practices, platform and infrastructure, so that our customers can have the confidence that Pure360 are fully GDPR compliant.

We have also updated all of our contracts and documentation. Customers are advised to review our updated Licence Agreement, and updated Customer Agreements and Service Level Agreements can be requested from your Account Manager via accountmanagers@pure360.com.

We’re also reviewing our Data Protection Policy, that explains in more detail the measures we take to protect your data, our processes and policies that you might require for your records. This document will be available in the coming weeks prior to the 25th of May.

View our compliance statements to learn how Pure360 has prepared for the GDPR.


Is Pure360 a data controller or a data processor?

For the data uploaded by our customers within the Pure360 platform, Pure360 is a processor on behalf of a data controller (our customers).

For the data we hold on clients (specifically those Pure360 send marketing information to e.g. invites to webinars (B2B)), prospects and employees, we are a data controller.

We have our own Data Processing Agreement – can Pure360 sign this?

We’re glad that our clients have undergone their own due diligence and may have prepared their own Data Processing Agreements for their suppliers to sign.

However, given the type of the services Pure360 provides and the need for processing activities to be documented, we require clients to use Pure360’s own Customer Agreement, as this has been specifically created to cover the processing we undertake for you. This can be requested from your Account Manager via accountmanagers@pure360.com.

Do Pure360 have a Breach Policy?

Yes, where Pure360 is a data processor on a customers behalf, we will notify our customer  of a personal data breach as soon as is reasonably possible, but where possible within 24 hours of discovering the breach.


GDPR: The Risks and Opportunities for Marketers

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Getting ready for the GDPR

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You’ll learn:

  • How GDPR came about and the risks of non-compliance
  • Who GDPR will affect
  • The 12 steps businesses must take to prepare for GDPR, as outlined by the ICO
  • What Pure360 are doing to prepare for GDPR.
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