The Future of Marketing Technology 2016 Report

What really matters, the technology or how you use it? Find out in our new joint report with Technology for Marketing.

About the report

Pure360 & MTF Future of Marketing Technology 2016

With so many different marketing technologies available, and more arriving every week, where do you start with your research if you need a solution? Well, our new report is a good start, as it’ll help you keep up to date about marketing technology in 2016 and beyond.

The Future of Marketing Technology 2016 Report features the following sections:

  • How do marketers feel about new technologies?
  • Attitudes around influence and investment towards marketing technology trends
  • The Marketing Technology Purchasing Matrix
  • Why the tight fist on the purse strings?
  • What tech innovations would be most useful?
  • Data capture in 2016
  • Data management in 2016
  • Attitudes towards data in 2016

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