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Email Metrics: How to Measure the Success of Your Christmas Marketing

While some are still recovering from Black Friday mayhem, the keen among you will be chomping at the bit to hit send on your festive campaigns. But which email metrics should you be using to measure your Christmas marketing?

Putting a measurement plan down on paper (or a snazzy spreadsheet) is a useful way to make sure you know what success looks like before you go live. In this blog post, we explore which email metrics you should measure to best assess your email marketing performance.

Click-through rate

Open rates are valuable if you’re measuring the result of an A/B test, or are comparing the performance of your emails over time. But for Christmas campaigns, click-through rate is a better measure of engagement.

Measuring click-through rate shows you how subscribers are engaging with the content of your email. It helps you judge whether your calls to action have been strong enough to entice people to take the next step in their journey to purchase.

Click-through rate can help you understand the type of content, or offers, your subscribers are most interested in, and the language that compels them to click.

Having an understanding of this tells you much more about how to improve your email marketing than open rate alone.

Conversion rate

Once you’ve analysed engagement with the content of your emails, you’ll want to examine what people are doing once they reach your site.

Was the call to action in your email directing them to a specific product on your site? If so, did they convert and buy this product?

Measuring conversion rate helps you to judge if the engaging content in your email (that compelled your subscribers to click) is matched by the experience on your website.

If you find you’re driving a large number of people through to your site—but they aren’t converting—consider what you can improve to ease them towards purchase.

Look to the big eCommerce players like Amazon for lessons in how to improve customer experience and remove conversion blockers.

We also explored ways to increase conversions at a recent event.

Earnings per click

Having worked out your conversion rates, take a look at the value of the conversions themselves.

Take the total value of sales generated from clicks through from your email campaign. Divide this buy the total number of clicks through to your website the campaign earned. This allows you to work out your earnings per click.

Earnings per click helps you put a value on how important it is to make your email content engaging enough to entice a click-through.

Having this kind of metric in your reporting arsenal will help you to rationalise time and resources spent on creating next year’s campaign.

Subscribers gained or lost

Compare the percentage increase in subscribers over this festive period with the percentage increase from last year. This will help you understand if your Christmas campaigns have been more or less effective in helping you grow your list.

Once you have the results compare and contrast what you did in year one and year two to work out how to refine your strategy.

Similarly, take a look at the change in unsubscribe rates. If they are higher this year than last, maybe you went overboard with the frequency of your emails? Or perhaps the messages you were sending to some segments didn’t quite hit the mark?

Pinpoint the changes you’ve made this year and work out what you should be doing more (or less) of next time round.


Using these metrics to measure the success of your email marketing will help you refine and improve your strategy.

Marketing is iterative and only by learning from what worked (and what didn’t) can you create better campaigns and increase your bottom line.

Our behavioural marketing and personalisation tools allow you to create and report on campaigns intuitively.

Find out how you can make more money from your eCommerce site in 2018 with our technology.

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