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The Pure360 Email Maturity Model

How advanced is your email marketing?

Discover where you sit on the email maturity scale.

Learn the steps to advance your strategy and improve your results.

What is the Email Maturity Model?

The Pure360 Email Maturity Model is an industry-leading framework of email sophistication that enables email marketers to pinpoint exactly how advanced they are compared to the industry and start making steps to improve their results.

We have spent significant time and resource researching the email marketing landscape, liaising with multiple industry thought-leaders and delving into our own customer base to ensure our Email Maturity Model is the most industry-accurate, reliable and successful framework available to email marketers today.

How can the Email Maturity Model help me?

Five ways the Maturity Model can benefit you

  • Benchmarking

    Establish which stage of the Maturity Model you are and benchmark yourself compared to others within the industry

  • Structured journey

    The Maturity Model offers a ready-made, highly-structured journey to help you grow your email marketing strategy and sophistication

  • Goal setting

    By using the individual strategies in each email maturity stage, you are able to set goals to help you advance into the next level of maturity

  • Identifying missed opportunities

    Use the elements in each maturity stage to identify gaps in your email marketing strategy and start putting relevant process in place early on to improve and grow

  • Improve results

    As you reach your goals and move along the maturity journey you will see an improvement in your strategy, tactics and your overall email marketing results

Want to know more?

To learn more about the Email Maturity Model you can download our free guide, which details:

  • What the Email Maturity Model is and how it works
  • How to determine your email maturity level.
  • How to take the steps to move to the next level of email maturity

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