We help retail and travel companies recover, re-engage, and inspire consumers at the moments that matter

Our eCommerce customers enjoy an average ROI of 1150% using behavioural marketing and dynamic personalisation.

email and website personalisation

Create an outstanding shopping experience that your customers won’t abandon

By personalising your customers’ journey across email and your website, our eCommerce solutions build a compelling shopping experience that reduces abandonment.

Focused on increasing trust and urgency, our technology delivers personalised content that resonates. We’ll help you keep customers engaged until they’ve purchased—and beyond—increasing their lifetime value and fuelling their passion for your brand.

Automatically recover lost revenue

By sending dynamic emails in response to key triggers, our eCommerce customers see an average 12% uplift in online revenue—automatically.

Our behavioural triggered emails improve your customers’ experience and increase your bottom line. Whether consumers have abandoned their basket—or lapsed on a renewal—we help you reach them at conversion-critical points in their life cycle.


countdown timer

Grow your revenue with personalisation

A 12% revenue uplift sounds good. But, what if you could do even better?

Our eCommerce customers who’ve graduated to website and email personalisation, see an average 22% uplift in online revenue.

With bespoke features such as countdown timers and social proof—as well as personalised product recommendations—you can increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Deliver a customer experience that stands out

Our eCommerce solutions create a consistent, memorable shopping experience for your customers. One which they’ll want to repeat.

We give you the features and support to personalise each step of your customers’ journey. With our technology, you can:


Trigger emails based on your customers’ behaviour


Recover revenue you would have lost from basket or site abandonment


Re-engage customers that have lapsed on purchases or renewals


Personalise product recommendations in email and on your website to upsell and cross-sell, growing your revenue


Use eye-catching count-down timers and persuasive social proof to drive urgency and increase sales


Display ratings and reviews on all your product recommendations to increase conversions


Enjoy revenue uplift within a week

Our technology integrates easily with all eCommerce systems. We will manage your implementation and help you to review the uplift in sales it delivers from day one.

See how we can help your increase revenue at every stage of your customer’s life cycle for yourself.

50% of PureTargeting users make back what they spend on their contract in an average of 33 days. Find out how you can do the same.

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