Over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile

Easily create responsive emails

The Challenge

The way that email is consumed is changing rapidly.

Recipients are constantly on the move and checking their inboxes via
multiple devices, at any time of the day and with varying degrees of attention.

To offer a seamless user experience on all platforms you
need to keep up with your audience by offering emails which can be used
on multiple devices so that no recipient is alienated.

Focus on your message as opposed to your design process

All emails developed in the Pure360 platform are built with best-in-class
email code meaning you can focus on your content without worrying about build quality or rendering issues.

If you need help building your emails our creative services work with you to deliver responsive,
innovative and cost effective designs to suit your company’s individual needs.

  • "The email design and build was a consultative process with both parties working closely to find a balance between representing our brand and conveying our story whilst adhering to email marketing best practice. We were very happy with the results!"

    Dan Rigby

    Dan Rigby

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