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Dedicated Customer Success Managers

Our clients tell us that our account management is one of the main reasons they love working with us, and who are we to argue?

We build on the excellent service service and advice provided by our Account Management team and layer on best practice and strategic support through our dedicated Customer Success team.

We know that their knowledge and expertise in email and digital marketing can only help our clients to improve and transform their digital marketing results.

We use our industry-leading Email Maturity Model to help our clients plan their digital strategy, and to determine their actions and goals.

Working with our clients, we’re able to plot where they currently sit on the maturity scale and then map out plans and objectives that will help them to move up the scale and onto the next level of email maturity.

It doesn’t matter what level of marketing sophistication your company is currently at, because we work together to define the steps required to move up the maturity model scale.

What you get from your Customer Success Manager

Our Customer Success Managers are here to offer their knowledge and expertise around our platform and digital marketing strategies. As part of that you can expect:

Face-to-face meetings twice a year

We think it is invaluable to be able to see your Customer Success Manager twice a year, as a face-to-face meeting allows you to cover more ground.

As part of these meetings your account manager will review your campaigns and actions, before offering suggestions, advice, and insight into how you can improve your campaigns moving forward, and therefore your results.

These reviews also incorporate your email marketing strategy, your level of email deliverability, list health, marketing, and plenty of insight on operational optimisation.

Monthly calls to review actions

Once a month your Customer Success Manager will schedule a call with you to review your actions from the past month.

This is the perfect opportunity to raise questions you have with your campaigns, and also to gain some quick feedback on how your campaigns have performed, and if there are any ‘quick wins’ to be had with your upcoming campaigns.

Customer Events and Training

We also offer a number of customer events and training throughout the year, allowing you to get closer to the Pure360 team and to continue learning and improving.

At customer events you will get the chance to meet and chat with your Customer Success Manager*, as well as learn more about what plans we have in store for you at Pure360.

We also offer training sessions, as well as a monthly webinar series, which are hosted by our account managers.

*Please note that not all of our Customer Success Managers are able attend every event

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