Pure360 become the first email and digital marketing suite provider to win the CSE award

We have become the first email and digital marketing suite provider to win the Customer Service Excellence Standard – the gold standard award for customer service delivery. The award confirms the delivery of services which are efficient, effective and place the customer at the heart of service provision.

The award is only granted to high-performing organisations who demonstrate at least a 80% compliance, and we achieved 100% compliance as well as the Compliance Plus certification, reflecting the fact that we continually go beyond the usual standards of customer service expected.

Investing in people

We were commended for our achievements in customer insight, corporate commitment, customer engagement, employee engagement and staff commitment. It’s plain to see that out customer services success story comes from the investment in our people, which engenders a customer-focused culture.

Our dedication to the customer evolves from our high level of staff engagement that means our employees are listened to, ‘looked-after’ and valued. Staff development includes regular communications training, mentoring and even ‘pizza lunches’ in which we can all feedback on ways to improve our service to customers. Fortnightly meetings celebrate employees successes and regular customer retention workshops are held with input from every department in the company.

Taking our customers on a journey of Email Maturity

We believe that our customer-facing staff have the greatest insight into what makes customers happy or dissatisfied. By nurturing our relationship with our employees, we are able to gain a greater insight into their customers – another achievement marked by the report. We go to great lengths to research and understand our clients, believing that the best results are achieved when we work in partnership with our customers.

To offer a service which is attuned to the varying needs of our clients, we developed the industry-leading Email Maturity Model – a framework used to pinpoint how advanced each of our client’s email marketing is and offer advice tailored to their level to ensure they are continuously improving their marketing results.

We don’t just stop there when it comes to putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer. We live and breathe digital using email, social media, blogs, webinars, monthly workshops, and bi annual Summits to continually support customers. Our content is constantly monitored via web analytics to check it’s popularity and relevance to the audience ensuring that the customer is always kept in mind. Company focus groups have developed digital solutions to improve to handling of complaints, customer queries and problems to guarantee everything is dealt with effectively and efficiently at the first point of contact, where possible.

Continuously improving beyond the certification

It’s clear to see that we have invested heavily in services over the past 12-24 months and the Customer Service Excellence award is a testament to that. Our customers are already seeing the benefits of these efforts highlighted by increasing customer satisfaction scores and the number of referrals.

When asked to comment on the award, our Head of Service Delivery, Maria Khoury, said:

“We chose this award as we wanted to work towards a standard that would help us identify any services areas we may not have considered. This enables us to continuously improve beyond the certification and demonstrate to our customers that we really do care about their experience.

This award has helped us to confirm the success of our efforts, our Maturity Model and our Best Practice Framework, as well as being an incredibly motivational and rewarding result for everyone at Pure360. It shows them that their efforts are being recognised not only by their peers and our customers, but also by an official government standard.”

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